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Gorod The Orb album

Gorod comes with his new album called The Orb which will be drop on Mach 10 2023 with 9 music tracks. Know here reviews, tracklist and Buy link.

Gorod is a technical death metal band from Bordeaux, France. They have been active since the early 2000s and have gained a reputation for their complex and intricate compositions.

“The Orb,” however, is an album by Gorod. Their most recent album, as of my knowledge cutoff date of September 2021, is called “Æthra,” and it was released in 2018.

“Æthra” features ten tracks of intense and progressive death metal, with complex rhythms, intricate guitar work, and dynamic song structures. The album showcases Gorod’s technical prowess and their ability to seamlessly blend different styles and influences into their music.

In addition to “Æthra,” Gorod has released several other albums, including “Leading Vision,” “Process of a New Decline,” and “A Maze of Recycled Creeds.” They have been praised by critics and fans for their technical proficiency and innovative approach to death metal.

Track list:
01. Chrematheism
02. We Are The Sun Gods
03. The Orb
04. Savitri
05. Breeding Silence
06. Victory
07. Waltz Of Shades
08. Scale Of Sorrows
09. Strange Days

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