In the Crosshairs: SVT’s Scathing Review of Swedish National Team’s Impact on Roller Skiing

According to the Sources, almost the entire Swedish national team missed the recent roller skiing competitions. World stars like Frida Karlsson, Jonna Sundling, Ebba Andersson, Linn Svahn, William Poromaa, and Emma Ribom were all absent from the race in UmeƄ. This has led to criticism from SVT, who argue that the status of the sport is in danger.

However, it’s worth noting that this is not the first time that Swedish skiers have missed national team events. In 2016, Charlotte Kalla left the Swedish national team to train alone. Additionally, skiers like Dahlqvist have found new paths in the sport after being rejected from the national team.In terms of roller skiing specifically, the Swedish national team is sending a strong squad to the upcoming Roller Ski Shooting World Championships. While the recent absence of top skiers from national team events is certainly a concern, it’s unclear whether this will have a significant impact on the status of the sport overall.

Author: Arya

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